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July 23, 2012 by burkej09

As a teacher, I work my tail off for ten months out of the year. However, I do get two full months in the summer to play 🙂

During my free time, I generate A LOT of hobbies. Some things I have become passionate about include woodworking, brewing beer, and creating great grilling recipes. I spend so much of my free time reading articles and learning new things, it just seems right that I should take this random knowledge and put it out there for others. While this blog is intended for me to share ideas on brewing and grilling, don’t be surprised if my ADHD kicks in and you get something completely random.

I went to school at Xavier University in Cincinnati (Go Muskies!) and immediately moved to Chicago after graduation. That summer I also married my beautiful wife. (Wheel of Fortune rule, take the brownie points when you can) I’m sure some stories about her will end up on here. After a few years living in Chicago, it became a better investment to move out to the burbs, where we are now. However, since moving out to the burbs, I’ve had to find ways to keep myself entertained, as if the two dogs weren’t enough. The posts on here will be stories and advice on some things that I’ve done that maybe somebody can learn from. For example, I never knew how to properly grill a burger until I graduated college, and now I can critique the burgers I eat at restaurants. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to brew beer in the last year and I’ve learned from some little mistakes. That was a process that took some patience!

Please feel free to post comments or contact me with any advice or questions. Happy reading!


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