BrewnBBQ: How to Grill Kabobs for $5!

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July 26, 2012 by burkej09

My wife found skewers pre-made at the grocery “on sale” for $10.57. I looked at the ingredients and quickly picked up some sirloin flanks, a green pepper, a red pepper, and an onion. Total cost = $4.94 Oh.. and we made 6 skewers while the grocery was only selling 2!

Here are some tips to skewers:

1) Soak the Skewers for at least One Hour

If you don’t soak the skewers, they will burn and fall apart. Soak them in the sink for an hour.


Skewers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2) Be Careful with Cooking Times!

We used sirloin, peppers, and onions. Avoid potatoes because they can take too long to cook. Chicken can take a little while as well. Shrimp cooks really fast! Be sure to cut your meat and veggies to the same size. If you cook shrimp, I would suggest making skewers of shrimp and separate skewers with veggies. Check back for recipes on marinades and dry rubs that work well with sirloin, chicken, and shrimp!

3) Cook on Medium and Keep Turning!

Cook the skewers on direct medium heat and turn about every 3-4 minutes. These will cook/burn very quickly! Use tongs and try to grab as much of the kabob as you can to be careful not to break apart the fragile veggies. Cook for about 15 minutes and finish on indirect or low heat.

Enjoy your kabobs!


Skewers (Photo credit: camknows)


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