BrewnBBQ: 3 Tips to Handle Flare-ups

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August 6, 2012 by burkej09

A question I’ve been getting has been related to flare-ups.  Follow these tips to prevent flare-ups and know what to do when the grill does flare up.

BBQ setup: split grill - double decker grate

BBQ setup: split grill – double decker grate (Photo credit: kidmissile)

1) Keep the grill grate clean. After each use brush the oil and fat off the grate. Oil and fat are the culprits that start a grease fire, which is your flare up.

2) Move the food and cover the lid. Moving the food to a spot on the grill that is not as hot and closing the lid should almost always extinguish your fire. Let the grease burn out and move your food back to the hot spot.

3) Use a water bottle as a last resort. There may be times when the flame just doesn’t want to settle. I would recommend a bottle of water as opposed to a squirt bottle. With a bottle, you can directly pour the water into the flame to extinguish. This will stir the flame higher for a couple of seconds! Squirting water tends to spread the grease and stir up ash which will get all over the food.

Do you have a method of putting our flare-ups? Share your method in the comments section below!


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